How To Tie Off Elastic.

Q: I just made a bracelet with red and black horn pipe beads. What cool beads! I love them, they're so rustic looking. Is there a good, safeproof way to tie off the elastic so I will not undo it? I was not able to go through the beads another time with the elastic.

A: Okay, so maybe they're not such cool beads... my cat just attacked my wrist with his teeth going berserk over the horn beads. I know I shouldn't be laughing, but these posts are less than 10 minutes apart. Sorry, but I can picture this too easily: "I smell competition... Attack!" For elastic, I use 1 bead that has a bigger hole. Tie off the elastic, use "Fray Check", which I think is available at 'Joann Fabrics', and many other spots. Then, let the bead with the bigger hole hide the knot. People expect to see a clasp, and can't figure out how that bead hides a clasp! The one stray bead adds a beautiful highlight. I put as much knot as I can hide inside that bead! After the 'Fray Check' is well dried, I play with the bracelet some and pray it stays together well; This hasn't been a problem now that I have some experience. Then, I carefully clip any stray threads from the ends of the elastic/hiding bead. The more "glue" you can get inside that bead with the least effect on the elastic outside the bead, the better, so on the tiniest stuff I may also use another "glue" with a superfine applicator, if I want more and the Fray Check is too tough to get inside that bead.