Instructional Video?

Q: I have a friend in Ithaca, New York, who is interested in learning beading. Does anyone know of a good bead store in that area? Are there any classes where she could learn the basics? Lacking that, can anyone recommend a good basic instructional video (she feels she would learn better from a video than from a book).

A: Well, I don't know which kind of beading you are referring to, but I have made a video called "Basic Wirework For Bead Jewelry Making" that is a companion to my book of the same title... It is no big budget affair, but I have never had one returned and I know that many people have learned how to put beads together from it. Perhaps someone out there has seen it, and could tell you how they feel about it! I'm pretty much a lurker on the newsgroup, and getting more and more into beading all the time. I'd love it if you'd send me a copy of your catalog. I'm a big admirer.