Lettered Beads.

Q: I'm looking for small white beads with lettering on them. Here's a link to what I'm looking for http://fetishwest.inetcam.com/adultbabies/images/Babythings/Bracelet.jpg I don't know what they're called, so I'm having a hard time searching for them on the net. Could someone please tell me where I can buy these?

A: 'Fire Mountain' carries alphabet beads in white and sun-reactive plastics. I know I saw white glass ones somewhere recently - I think an online supplier. Try adding "glass" to your search for alphabet beads. The beads you are looking for are baby alphabet beads which we carry in glass at $4.90 per gross or in plastic at $2.00 per 100. 'Paramount Novelties', 'Craft & Trim'. I have some of these beads for sale - I can get them all, but each bag has 100 of the same letters in them, so if enough people wanted them I would buy them. I do have quite a few letters already, at .05 per letter. If you tell me which letters you want, I will look for them in my stock. Well, I truly, honestly believe they are glass, but you know how it is - some of the new plastics are so good, it's hard to tell! Let me go open a bag of them, and fondle them for a moment... Well, I still believe they are glass, but if you would like, I'll go hit it with a hammer and make sure... Yep, they're glass! I don't want to drop my idea out here because someone I know might be reading this newsgroup, but this is a very special necklace, and as soon as I get the "letters" figured out, I will contact you. Having bought from you before, I know you sell good STUFF, and at a really decent price too (I bought beads from 'Mandy' on 'Justbeads').