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Magazine Beads.

Q: I'm looking for a recipe to make beads out of magazines. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

A: Check out the August '98 issue of 'Bead and Button'. It has an article on "Papier Roule", with some pictures of earrings made with paper beads. There's also a book called 'Creative Beaded Jewelry' (or something like that) that has very detailed instructions for how to do the beads. If I run across it, I'll post the name of the book & the author for you. In Britain, that book was called 'Create your Own Jewelry' by Jo Moody - at least, I think that's the one you may mean. I know it had a slightly different name in the USA. I wrote the part about rolled paper beads. I also have a booklet which goes more deeply into the subject. ___ <*,*> {'-'} The Crafty Owl -"-"- Actually, I found the book. It's called 'Creative Bead Jewelry' by Carol Taylor. I've seen a few like it (I think this one happened to be the least expensive), so I've probably seen the one your work is in. I sat in the cafe at 'Borders' bookstore here for two hours trying to decide which bead book to buy! Not that I'm complaining, of course.