Need Advice On Light And Magnification.

Q: I am finding that my eyes are getting tired using my regular light and I have not used magnification so far, but am thinking I should look into either the magnifiers on stands or the visor-style magnifiers that jewelers wear. Any advice on this?

A: I'm not familiar with the products you named. I sit at my drawing table equipped with a flourescent light with one cool bulb and one warm bulb. The combination gives a more natural light than using 2 cool flourescent bulbs and the greenish light they throw off! I also use a giant loupe (sp?) that I sit on top of my bead board. I have a visor magnifier but it makes me feel woosy at times! I have a Dazor lamp - one of the circular flourescents with a magnifier in the middle - mine is on a rolling base so I can move it around the house easily. I use it quite extensively for beadwork (bought it originally for needlework but do almost exclusively beadwork these days.) and find it very helpful. Some of the cheaper lights tend to drift off position but the Dazor doesn't. However, it was very expensive - over $200 several (maybe ten) years ago. I haven't used an 'Ott Light' but have a needleworking friend who loves hers. If I didn't have this, I'd probably try the magnifying visor first since it is relatively cheap ($15-$30 range) and seems to work well for most people. I think if you already wear glasses you might find the visor isn't as good with glasses as without. Also, can I suggest that if the tiredness is a new development and you haven't had your eyes examined recently that you see an eye doctor. I know when I need a new prescription because of problems with threading needles and doing my beadwork - when I start wanting magnification in situations I didn't want it before I know it's time to see the doctor again. I have a small 'Ott Light'. The light is excellent. They do have a web site if you want to check out what types of lamps they have. I also have a 'Mag-Eyes' visor. I don't often need magnification but when I do, this visor is excellent. It is especially good as I wear glasses and the visor does not interfere with these. As the visor is attached to your head and is ajustable, you can work naturally without having to place you work under a lamp and magnifier.