Need Instructions For Absolute Beginner.

Q: I'm interested in amulet bags, and have very little experience with seed beading. The only thing I've done is 3-bead peyote stitch. Are there any good books, or instructional videos for a beginner?

A: I learned from 'Beaded Amulet Purses' by "Nicolette Stessin" - it has very clear instructions for purses with a variety of stitches. For a more general book on off loom seed beading, try 'Creative Bead Weaving' by "Carol Wilcox Wells". If you are apt at following written instructions, you should be able to pick up the major stitches with these two books. "Carol Perrenoud" has an excellent video for peyote amulet pursesand beading around a needle case. Try web site at I also have peyote graph paper that makes it much easier to following a peyote pattern. My web site is