Newbie Intro.

Q: If any of you get a chance, would you mind taking a look at it? I'm not trying to advertise here, because I figure most of you don't buy finished products, but I'm hoping that those of you who are pros at 'eBay' selling/buying would take a look at what I've put up and see if it looks okay, if I'm missing anything, if I'm doing something wrong, etc., I'd really appreciate it!

A: Overall, it looked pretty good......but! The reserve pricing on the auction is a big negative. Most people won't even look when it lists a reserve, much less play around with bidding. 'Ebay', 'Amazon', 'Boxlot', and 'JustBeads' ID: 'AllArts' (beads, craft items, collectibles) 'NewHouse Gifts Delica Beads' I must confess - I'm not a big buyer on 'eBay'. I've bid on a couple things, but that's about it. What's the philosophy behind minimum bids and reserve prices? Should I dump the reserve prices, and probably take a loss, or just set the minimum price closer to what I really want to sell an item for? Your stuff looked nicely made, but I personally thought it was too cheap! I like the logo type. For people new to selling crafts, pricing is always a pain in the neck. Too low, too high? Eek! It gives me a headache! I try to figure out a price based on time, materials, time spent designing, packaging, and advertising. You should have a vague idea of what your time and talent is worth and what your personal overhead actually is. I personally thought the price was too low because I even bought wholesale, the parts for those earrings is way too near the asking price. Be kind and fair to yourself! I had to learn to ask for what I was worth and not be afraid that I wouldn't sell my stuff. That was my only criticism. Take heart... I saw some beaded jewelry at a major store in a major mall that was in imitation of what we all try to do, and after I got done laughing, I put it back on the rack. They were asking $16 for a bracelet of plastic crystals strung on elastic thread. Persevere dear, and you'll get there! I love to bead and to sell what I make, and making new jewelry friends and helping folks to get better! This gets back to that whole minimum bid / reserve price issue that I'm unfortunately clueless about. Some friends of mine who do "the 'eBay' thang" a lot, said to put in a low minimum bid, or no one would even look at it. I think from now on, I'm just going to put stuff on 'eBay' at maybe 10% below the actual price I want for it, and not have a reserve price. The worst that can happen is that I won't have any bidders - but I don't have any now! It's really hard for me to price the things I make. I've never paid a lot of attention to what they cost elsewhere, because if I ever saw something I liked, I didn't buy it, I just made one for myself! What I've settled on is to use the cost of materials (including packaging), plus a pro-rated hourly rate, plus a small overhead. Is this fair? Is it reasonable (ie, priced so people will buy)? Only time will tell, I guess... If you are selling, it is time to start paying attention! Also, remember that the auctions are a gamble - some pieces will sell for a good profit, and some you will show a loss. You just have to make sure the percentage of good auctions is in your favor. Ask your friends about prices - not about your stuff, cuz they will be nice instead of honest - but about stuff you see when shopping, if they would pay what the store is asking. So much depends on the market you are aiming for. I try to sell to "educated" consumers - ones who care that it is sterling silver, and real stones, instead of the hot new color (in plastic)!