Newbie Needs Resources.

Q: On the topic of 'Vermeil', I have a customer who wants a 'Bali' silver look, but in gold. I spoke to the rep from 'Sinjara' (sp??) at the bead show yesterday, and he said their gold beads were "plated twice" w/ 22 KT. The color certainly bears out the 22 kt claim. These would have run about $1.50/gram, depending on qty. Anyone else have some good experiences to mention w/ Vermeil?

A: I'm new to your newsgroup and just a few years new to beading. I was wondering if any of you had suggestions for some good wholesale catalogs. I use all kinds of beads, so the sky is the limit (except for precious stones). I'm particularly interested in good quality findings. I currently deal with 'Fire Mountain Gems', but I would love more options! I like websites, but especially love flipping through paper catalogs. You have to at least get the 'Shipwreck Beads', and the 'Rio Grand' catalogs. I also have used 'Halstead' beads,, Ornamental Resources,, 550 Silver & Supply,, and others, too numerous to mention. Another thing you can do is subscribe to 'Lapidary Journal'. You'll love the mag, and there are tons of wholesalers listed with nice ads so you can see what they have. They are online also.