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New 'Mill Hill' Beads?

Q: I've heard that 'Mill Hill' is coming out with new cylindrical beads... sounds like 'Delicas'. Has anyone else heard of, or seen these?

A: 'Mill Hill' petite beads are made by 'Miyuki', who also makes 'Delicas', so I'd guess that they are the 'Delicas'. I didn't see anything about 'Delicas' or new cylindrical beads on the 'Mill Hill' website, but their website is pretty weak. Actually I believe that 'Toho' makes the beads that 'Mill Hill' sells, the size 11's for sure. Not 'Miyuki'. So, I'm guessing the cylinder beads are from 'Toho' as well. I saw them at 'Embellishment'. They were more expensive than 'Delicas', but nicely packaged. Neither the petites, nor the regular-sized beads have the profile of 'Delicas' - most of 'Mill Hill's' are Japanese made, but I'm not sure which mfg. FYI - some of 'Mill Hill's' existing colors are Czech - look for the "made in Japan" on the package. There's one in San Francisco, CA, on Minna Street, "South of Market" Area and one in San Diego, CA... they also have a website: