New 'Soft Touch' Wire.

Q: Just to add to the mystery around Illusion/microwire, I see my wholesaler has a new wire called 'Soft Touch'. It comes in 4 sizes, the smallest size .010" is excellent for work requiring peyote stitch, crocheting, or weaving. Has anyone tried this? Any experience?

A: I haven't actually seen the 'SoftTouch(tm)' wire for sale yet, but plan on getting LOTS when I do find it. I love 'SoftFlex(tm)', but have longed for something thinner than the 0.14 diameter that I've been using, so I can make more passes through beads. I can't wait to actually get my hands on this 'SoftTouch(tm)'!! Any idea how much weight the smaller diameter can handle? I'm always nervous about .014 because of its thinness, but I too would like to double back through tiny beads. Where will we buy 'Soft Touch'? The weight that can be handled by the new 'SoftTouch(tm)' wire will definitely be an important factor for me because I use a lot of heavy lampwork in my beading. I am hopeful that since it is actually wire, that even though the diameter will be very small, it will be able to take a lot of weight. I think I'll do some actual testing of it, before I use it, though, just to be sure. I buy most of my beads and beading supplies online, and will be looking to my online source for the 'SoftTouch' (she carries 'SoftFlex(tm)' now. Her URL is if you are interested). I understand that the new 'Softflex' is being introduced at the Tuscon show, and will be available after that.