Q: I just received the bead loom, and want to make some braclets. I cannot find any sites that have a simple pattern to start with. Does anyone have any ideas where to look? I have tried, and cannot find anything. Also, I would like to make single thread braclets for my 3 year old, does anyone have any ideas how?

A: I would try 'Emily's' site at (Http:// for links. Also, 'Mary Tafolya' has a good links page: ( As for a bracelet for a 3 year old, I would hesitate to string a beaded bracelet for one so young. She could easily chew through the thread and swallow the beads. She might even swallow the whole thing if she can get it off. I know this isn't the effect you want, but have you considered memory wire for your daughter's bracelets? They would be easy to put on, and durable for a three year old. I made daisy-chain bracelets for my son's friends, but they are all 10 years old. I made one for a "little sister", she was 5 and she ended up using it for everything but what it was meant to be used for lol. Daisy-chains are lovely, but for a three year old I would use a larger bead. What might be interesting, would be to find a bead (8/0 or 6/0) that would let you use a thin elastic so she could slip it on and off without having to worry about a clasp. If you need patterns for daisy chains.... I have some bracelet loom patterns (and comb/barrette patterns that could be repeated into bracelets) at: My patterns are near the bottom of the page.