Phoenix Bead Shops

Q: I just saw a message from JohnWPan re:Beads Galore in Phoenix. I just wondered if anyone on the list has ever been to Beadbox in Scottsdale. I get their Janet Coles bead catalog every year and spend months drooling over it before (and after) I order things! The catalog is *gorgeous*. Although the items seem expensive they often show things I'm not able to find here in Portland, OR. If anyone knows what the shop is like, I'd sure appreciate hearing about it!

A: I bought the Janet Coles Bead catalog last year. I really like the catalog. In addition to individual beads, and components, they have premade necklaces and kits for the pictured necklaces. Mary Anne, since you buy the catalog each year, could you tell me if the premade necklaces/kits are very different between the years? I think the catalog is worth the price ($8, I think) just to see the creative necklace designs they come up with. Just posted a note to the group; didn't see your question in time to include the response. That is a good question, and yes, the kits do change year-to-year. There are alot of the same beads but enough different ones that they make use of many different styles. And this time they had models wearing 2-3 necklaces at a time so you could get an idea of the length as well as the usual close-up shots they use to show off the necklace. Every year I feel the catalog is worth the price! Plus, after the first year I ordered, they have just sent me new ones. (I really hope they keep that up!) I always get carried away, maybe I order enough to rate a 'free' catalog.