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Pinecone Christmas Gift Ideas???

Q: I have a lot of big pinecones, and I don't know what to do with them. I thought it might be nice to do something with them to give to my family as Christmas gifts. If any of you have any ideas, please E-mail me.

A: One of the neatest Christmas decorations I have is a large pinecone, painted green, with buttons glued on as ornaments. My son made it when he was in elementary school. You could also glue or wire on beads as decorations to the natural cone, and finish with a wisp of ribbon to hang it up with. Pinecone wreaths are also beautiful, and you could also wire on glass balls or larger beads as decorations. Of course, adding a bow to embellish. Another neat idea would be to make some wire beads with that coiling gizmo some are so wild about and use those to embellish the pine cone wreath. I suppose you would either have to glue the pinecones to a wooden form, wire them to a styrofoam form, or wire them to a wire ring to start with. I'm not much of a crafter unless it comes to beads, but I'm sure that you could find the directions for the pine cone wreath in current magazines. 'Martha Stewart' has instructions on making a BIG pinecone wreath on her website. Everyone has also been telling me to dip them in scented wax to make firestarters. I read somewhere there is something you can put in the wax to make the fire change colors when you burn them? Is this ture, and does anyone know what it is? It's true, but I don't remember what - we did this when my step-kids were small, but since they are 30-somethings now, I don't remember details! ;-) Try your local scoutmaster or troop leader - bet they will know! I THINK instructions in the Austin-American Statesman called for rolling them in regular multicolored glitter (after dipping the pinecones in floor wax). I tried to find a link last time someone asked this question, but you have to pay to retrieve articles. I love colored flames too... but some of the stuff is dangerous, and I found I could not get most of the chemicals (aside from copper sulfate) without all sorts of permits. The simple way to get color is to burn paper/cardboard that has been printed with large areas of blue or green print. Blue boxes, green wrapping paper ... all those make beautiful colors in the fire!