Question About H.P. Wooden Beads.

Q: Can someone who has experience with this, suggest what product I should use in order to "lacquer" them? I don't even know if "lacquer" is the right word, or if I should be thinking "varnish" or what!

A: Depending on how large the hole is, you can put the beads on bamboo skewers and stick these info florist's foam (that green stuff) and spray them with the 'Krylon'. This is how I do my fabric beads. I've found that putting the beads on chenille stems works well when I spray my beads heads. The fuzz on the stem holds the beads without them sliding together and sticking, but doesn't get stuck to the bead unless you drench it. Clear 'Krylon', in gloss or matte, is a simple solution and the one I'd use, but if you really want to get serious, ask the folks in rec.woodworking for advice. The folks there really know finishes. I don't think you want varnish, though.