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Request For Beading Help.

Q: The tip was that you can iron your beadwork with a damp cloth between the beadwork and the iron. When the cloth is dry, the beadwork will be straightened.

A: Very many thanks for this information. My friend will be delighted. It is wonderful to know that there is someone out there who can solve our problems. I have another request can someone send me a list of urls for beading sites. You can send them by private E-mail so as not to take up bandwidth. Actually, I think that would be interesting information to post to the rec.crafts.beads list as I would guess that there are many people who would be interested in the same info. :-) Yes, I just bookmarked it so I can explore it later. Btw, I have noticed an interesting web ring called 'The BeadThing Ring' at: There ought to be some interesting sites there...I just love looking at bead sites, I hope people will continue to post the urls to interesting sites here so I may explore them *smile*.