Rosary Beads

Q: I would like instructions on making Rosary Beads

A: In a cast-iron pot, simmer together the following for 1 hour: 4 cups fresh rose petals, finely snipped, 1 cup water, and 4 large, or 12 small, rusty nails (to blacken the solution). Remove from heat, stir with wooden spoon, and leave overnight. Repeat this procedure for a day or two until mixture darkens, adding water when necessary. Set aside for a few days until dry enough to handle. The consistancy should be that of wet clay. Roll into marble-sized balls. They will shrink. Lay on several layers of paper towel until partly dry (24 to 48 hours). Thread a large neadle with dental floss, and string beads so they don't touch. Hang to dry, rotating beads to keep the holes open, for about a week. It's tedious to roll the balls, but they turn out so nicely, it's worth it! (Kim's Note: Maybe the bead-on-the pin-in-the-cardboard technique in the other recipe would be better for this than the dental floss)