Rose Petal Beads

Q: A few months ago I remember reading about making beads from rose petals. If anyone saved that posting could you please email me a copy or please send me the info.

A: I saw the recipe in Yankee magazine a few years ago and foolishly didn't save it. I'd like it too! I've experimented a bit with making rose petal beads and I'll be glad to send my instructions to anyone who would like them. They're too long to post here. Please feel free to e-mail me to request them. They're easy to make! The only problem I have with petal-beads (or any of the natural beads) is that they are usually some shade of brown and look (to my jaundiced eye) like rabbit droppings. How can I purge this image? Yes! Wow This is the second article tonight and the third article in 5 months I know something about. I would love to send you the recipe right now but my books are on loan. I can tell you that Phyllis Shaudey's (may not be the correct spelling) has the recipe in one of her two books "The Pleasure of Herbs" or "Herbal Treasures". If you can't find them, post me and I will get that recipe for you!