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Seed Bead Hairpiece?

Q: This may sound foolish, but would anyone know where I could get a pattern for a headpiece (possibly East Indian) like the ones worn in the new 'CoverGirl' TV ads?

A: I guess I need to watch more TV. There are beaded headpieces on a commercial? I would like more information on this too.'s for the new fall collection of make-up, though the more I see it, the more I think it may be some sort of Medievel hair piece, or quite possibly a necklace draped over her head. It's done, from what I can see, in deep brown beads. Quite cool. It's the new 'Covergirl' commercial with 'Brandy' (the singer), and a couple of models. I wouldn't call it Indian, more 'SCA'dian. It's a netted piece, tapering to a point right above the eyebrows. It's not obvious how it's fastened, but for a commercial, they don't have to show us the back. There's a picture of Chris wearing one on 'Anne Bush's' page with AOL beaders' pictures. The head piece in the 'Cover Girl' commercial is actually worn by 'Sarah Thomas' (according to the 'Cover Girl' brand). The head piece was a prop piece of jewelry from the advertising agency's collection of accessories. It was made out of gold toned acrylic beads. Unfortunately, that is all the information that we have about it.