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Size Of Wire For Size Of Bead.

Q: I'm a beginner beader, so please excuse me if this question has been asked and answered a hundred times before. I was wondering if there is an easy way to figure out what size stringing material (namely 'Beadalon' wire) you should use for the different bead sizes.

A: Take short lengths of the wires with you when you go bead shopping: if the wire fits through the holes, you can use it. Generally, the heavier wires are for heavy beads, the smaller gauge wires for lighter beads. If you're combining beads, go by the overall weight of the piece - too large a gauge may be too stiff &/or "springy" rather than drape the way you want it. Why didn't I think of that! You could probably do this same with 'Nymo', etc., if you used some kind of stiffener on the thread (though that may change the size). I spend my life trying to pass what I have learned on to others. If that means telling someone about some piece of work I have done for just that purpose, so be it. My work sells really well with or without this really wonderful bulletin board, but I want to help, so peace, and a kind heart be with you. Oh, and I do want to add that ever since I have seen your name up...even back in the 'AOL' days, you have always gone out of your way to take lots of care in informing bead lovers about all kinds of matters, several that I have seen on quite complicated issues, and I want to thank you. I learned wire-work from you a LONG time ago from an article in Lapidary Journal. So clear and easy to understand, and I would bet your books and videos are the same way. I will check it out! I recently purchased your video on ebay and can't wait to see it. Better make sure I have lots of "free time" when I do.