Split Ring Problems.

Q: I made a necklace for my wife, and I used split rings. She keeps getting them caught (and wrecked) on her sweaters. What do you do with split rings? I know jump rings are soldered.

A: 'National Supply' has some closed gold-filled and sterling-silver jump rings (these come already soldered together, and come in two sizes). I got these because split-rings snag, and I don't have the soldering equipment to close the jump rings. I order the lobster clasps with the rings, and use bead tips to attach the bracelet on. I don't think you can order online yet, and don't be discouraged by the catalog. I just got my order of stuff today, and I am ecstatic with the quality stuff, I got back. Their 4-lead clover is just darling. You can find them at http://www.nationalsupply.com. I hope this helps someone. Jump rings always come open if you pull on them hard enough. I don't do soldering work either, and even the best quality split rings still look like key chains to me. I make my own "jump rings" in a figure 8 shape, usually hammering them flat. This means the open joint is in the middle, where there's less stress. No more fine sofflex slipping through the gap! A vendor at the 'Whole Bead' show taught me this one in a 60 second demo, and I can't be more grateful. The other option to make jump rings more secure is to use that french-wire coil stuff (someone help me here w/ the right term) to cover your tigertail/soflex - cuts down on wear, and it's now too big to slip through that little gap where you didn't quite close the jump ring. I've started using a drop of Zap-a-gap (a super-glue type) in the gap of the jump ring. Since it's holding my showerhead together, I'm hoping it works as an invisible barrier on the jump ring. Nope, just 20 or 22 gauge wire (depending on the weight of the necklace). Make your 8, then I hammer them flat, and open them sideways like you would a jump ring. I get good feedback from customers on the professional look of these. Of course, headpins would work (watch the guages, though - most are thinner), but I never buy them myself. I'm too cheap to thow away all those pieces you have to snip off! With bulk wire, I use exactly what I need.