Sterling And Gold Fill Head Pins.

Q: I am looking for a good wholesale source of 'SS' and 'GF' headpins in a fine gauge, preferrably about 24 gauge in lengths under 2 inches. I can find them all day long in the 2 inch length, but find I am wasting a lot. 1" or 1 1/2" would be the best, and small heads as well. I lost my last source and am becoming desperate!

A: Actually, I hammer all my own headpins like this. When I sit down to make earrings, I start with about a foot of wire (usually 20 gauge dead soft) and hammer one end, string the first earring, bend the wire over right at the top of the beads, snip and make a loop. Then continue the process with the (now slightly shorter) length of wire. Lots less waste this way. This only takes about 1-2 minutes per earring once you get the hang of it, and is a nice detail - customers notice, and so do show juries. My store 'Metalliferous Inc.' (888-944-0909) sells Sterling headpins in lengths from 1/2" up through 4". We don't stock 'GF', but I can get them for a special order. The sterling pins are $24 per troy ounce, regardless of length. 1/2" pins, for example come 1007 (approx.) per ozt. The webpage (to be honest) is old, out-of-date, in need of SERIOUS work, but will give you basic information about 'Metalliferous'.