Stone Beads?

Q: Has anyone compiled a list of online sources for stone (precious/semi-precious/gravel/anything! :) beads?? Many of the sites I've seen recommended have every kind of bead under the sun EXCEPT stone.

A: Please call, and perhaps we can understand exactly what your looking for. We carry all types of semi-precious mdse (Including beads). Please call us : 'Waliga Imports and Sales' 1467 Atwood Ave. Johnston, R.I. 02919 (USA) Tel #: (401) 272-6777 My two favorite sources for stone beads: 'Fire Mountain' has the best prices, 'South Pacific' ( has the best monthly sales, and the weirdest/coolest stuff. South Pacific has all their stones on their monthly special. I am trying to make excuses to order more. Both 'South Pacific' and 'Texas Beads' (a.k.a. 'Globe Union') exhibit at the 'Intergem' shows. The last show I saw Texas Beads at, their booth was much smaller than usual - mostly finished stuff - maybe a conflict of show dates?