Thread Question.

Q: I always used a double thickness of nylon thread when I string my beads, but I never was quite satisfied with the way they flowed. Is nylon thread strong enough to use as a single strand? I am still looking for a soft, flowing look to my necklaces. Most of them are made of smaller, or lighter beads.

A: Do you mean 'Nymo' thread, which is nylon? I use 'Nymo 00' single. It is very strong. when you try to use any bead thread doubled, it tangles. If you need more strength, go back through your beads a second time. For necklaces, I use 'Soft Flex' wire. It is so much better, and stronger, than thread. I only use thread when I am doing free-form peyote stitch. Tension is something you will learn, the more you do. The thread that I got at a craft shop is just called "nylon beading thread", with no other information! It's on a bobbin. I sent for some things from the 'Fire Mountain' catalog, and hope I remembered to order some 'Nymo'. I can't remember if I did or not! My local bead shop has a sign posted saying that they suggest using only "liquid silver" crimps for 'Soft-Touch'. I believe they mean sterling silver tube crimps, in which case, I agree. Every 'Soft-Touch' necklace I have made that has broken - and there have been a few - has broken at the crimps. I have switched to these crimps. I'll see what happens now. I never have had this problem, and that's about all I use to make necklaces. I do use 'SS' crimps, but the gold ones I use are not gold, just gold color. I think the problem is, unless the first crimp you make is not done correctly, the second one that closes it will come loose.