Uniform-Size Beads.

Q: 'Miyuki', 'Delica', Czechoslovakian, and Japanese: which are more uniform in size?

A: 'Delicas' most, then Japanese non-'Delicas', then Czech. I'm not sure if the 'Miyuki' are the only non-'Delica' Japanese manifacturer - I'm not familiar with them. Also, the Czech are a distinctly different shape - more like donuts - wider in diameter across the hole than they are long (the stringing direction). 'Miyuki' makes 'Delicas'. 'Toho' makes Antiques (which are very much like 'Delicas'). 'Miyuki' and 'Matsuno' (and probably others) make Japanese seed beads. I don't know the name of the Czech manufacturers. Personally, for uniformity, I choose them in the order in which I listed them: Cylinder beads: 'Delicas', then antiques (I think the Czechs are producing these now, or will be, but I haven't seen them yet). Seed Beads: Japanese (I find 'Matsuno' beads to be slightly larger than 'Miyuki'), then Czech, and finally Chinese (which I will never again purchase). In all of the above, different finishes MAY affect the size/uniformity. These are my unscientific opinions based on the labeling of the beads in my stash. Your mileage may vary.