What else do you do?

Q: How did everyone get started beading and what else do you do? I have found a lot of beaders are also quilters and weavers.

A: I work with polymer clay, crochet, machine knit, sew, plastic canvas, counted cross stitch, embroider, latch hook [haven't for years, but I still have the stuff in storage!], and have tried my hand at netting, which wasn't interesting enough for my brain to want to do all the time. I think I'm leaving something out, but this is the main list of what else I do besides beading. Knit, sew, tat, crochet, lampwork, silversmith, and I want to learn spinning and weaving...Jill of all trades (mistress of none). How I got into beads: I have always been into glass. Growing up with Native Americans in New Mexico has instilled a lifelong interest in NA art and personal adornment. I played with seed beads as a child, making "friendship" jewelry with my pals, but never really tried beadwork until a couple years ago. I went to my friend's wedding a few years ago, and one of the guests was wearing an amulet bag made from tiny beads (looking back I think they were delicas). It was so beautiful I had to ask her about it. She said she had purchased it at an art fair for $300. I couldn't take my eyes off it! I went to Barnes and Noble and bought books on various types of beadwork. Then I took my first trip to the bead store. And you all know how the rest goes, LOL. Other interests are stained glass work, needlework, fine art, polymer clay, and silk ribbon embroidery.