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Where To Buy Size 10 Seed Beads.

Q: These are the type most often sold in the craft stores in Queens/Westchester I frequent (I have sept off... so I may venture to Manhattan to search out stores one on one). I can't find this size online. Are they known as something else? They are marked as size 10. I see size 11 sold online, and I have bought some of 'Blue Moon Beads' of this size, but they are much too small for anything I can thread on a needle (I have the big eye needles from 'Fire Mountain Gemstones'... wonderful!!!), although I can string them by hand on that wonderful clear elastic one at a time... which is VERY tedious.

A: If the big-eye needles won't go through size 11s (is that what you mean?), 'FM' sells a lot of other sizes of needles, including some I KNOW are small enough. Use one of those little flat metal needle threaders if you have trouble threading them. If you really want size 10 seed beads and don't mind doing mail order, 'Optional Extras' Beadwarehouse Catalog 2001' has Czech 10/0 seeds on page 76. Their address is: 'Bead Warehouse' 4 Meadowlake Drive Mondon, VT 05701 Catalog is $3.00 Order number: 800-736-0781 Fax: 802-775-3081 Customer Service and Technical Assistance: 1-802-775-3082 Unfortunately, they don't appear to have a website, at least I haven't found one, and I don't have a source of 10/0 beads online, but if anybody knows, it'll be someone in this newsgroup! I carry these online. I have about 80 colours, and sell them for 1.50 CDN for 14 grams which is equivalent to about $1.00 US. We have a secure server for online ordering or you can order by calling toll free 1.877.473.2323 Shipping to the states is $3.00 CDN. I have a heck of a time threading anything, but the big eye needle, so I use them a lot. Try Japanese seed beads. I use the big eye with Japanese 15s, and those are WAY smaller than 11s! I've had good luck with the big eye on my 11s, which are ghost finish from 'Betcey' at 'Beyond Beadery', though I have to admit, I do have to push some of them aside because the needle's just too big. This never happens with my Japanese 15s, which also came from 'Beyond Beadery'. For the most part, Czech beads drive me crazy - I can barely see the holes. LOL. The Ceylon colors seem to have especially tiny holes.