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Q: I went to the whole bead show in L.A. today. Gosh, was that ever a waste of time and money! I should have saved my $5.00 entry fee. L.A. has bigger bead stores than the whole show was. It seemed as though all 10 of the sellers had the same type of beads . No books worth mentioning , no seed ('Delicas') beads ,no patterns. I for one, was really disappointed. Well, live and learn. If this show comes to your city, I hope you learn from my mistake.

A: I went to the one in San Francisco last year and found many nice things. Granted it was small, maybe 30 vendors, but some nice things nevertheless. I don't do beadwork like it seems many of you do - amulet bags, etc. I buy nice beads, 'Venetians', lampwork, vintage, etc., and make jewelry from them. Wow that is amazing. I have been going to the 'Whole Bead Show' in Portland, OR for years and have never been disappointed. Since attending it now requires a 2 hour drive, I would appreciate any other input on the show. 10 vendors is pitiful in any location, but this was LA for crying out loud! Impossible to believe. I am a fan of the show in RI and in NYC, but I have to admit that this year in RI was lackluster at best. I am waiting to see if the NYC show in March has also suffered from shrinkage, I have heard the vendors complain that this is a very pricey show for them, maybe they are finding other venues. The NYC show is the same weekend as the selective and small Urban Glass show. Maybe some vendors of lampwork will be there. I have also read that the Tucson Whole Bead Show will no longer charge admission if you have a tax ID. Perhaps that is the wave of the future. I must admit that I was dissapointed by the 'Whole Bead Show' in Seattle. There were some quality vendors, just not enough to justify the entry fee. There were maybe 15 vendors set up. While there were some quality goods... like 'Ava's' amazing buttons, and 'Emperyean' beads (always excellent!)... there were just not enough of them for me to want to take a day out of my life to do it again. I also noticed that the prices seemed high overall, and that the "wholesale prices" I was quoted were not far from other shop's retail. I do think this show has potential, but I will probably give it some time to grow into said potential before I choose to attend again. I sincerely apologise if I have offended anyone with my views. I do not like to speak negatively of anyone in a public forum, and it is not my intention to be unkind to any of the 'Whole Beads' staff or vendors. These are only my opinions. I encourage you think for yourself. You might attend this show and come away feeling differently. These were the impressions I came away with.