Xmas Ornaments.

Q: I was looking for the address of a company from somewhere in the South of the US. They sold kits for beaded Christmas ornaments.

A: It was there, here's the text of it: 'The Cracker Box' is wonderful for those "real" heirloom ornaments....this is not the 'Wal-Mart' stuff. I believe a catalog is $4, and they are closed during the month of January, so you need to get it now if you want it soon! 'The Cracker Box' Rt 202 & Aquetong Rd Solebury PA 18963-0413 215-862-2100 Actually, I called them and the catalogue is now $4.50. Don't worry about the January reference either, there will be someone there who can send you a catalogue. 'The Cracker Box's' "trademark" ornament was a white satin ball with a Christmas Tree on two sides. They are know for their attention to detail. Their ornament kits can be very detailed, time consuming and intricate, but very spectacular on your tree. They go for up to $70 (that's for the kit, not the finished ornament) Another source is 'Wotan' (they have a website) and 'Herrshners' (also have a website) who sells a series of kits they call "collector" ornaments. Both are very good starting point for those tired of the "cookie cutter" Christmas ornaments sold today.