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    Redemption throug crafting< The Monster and the Stone Rab

    I'm taking a continuing-ed class on writing children's literature. The instructor read a rather disturbing picture book, The Monster & The Stone Rabbit.* The story concerns a monster so ugly that nature itself turns brown in his presence. But he is lovely on the inside and lonely, so he makes a stone rabbit. The rabbit, though mute stone, becomes his companion for the rest of his days, until he grows old (and thus uglier still) and finally dies. Then the forest around his cave regrows, and is the most beautiful place on earth.

    Most people in the class were repulsed by the book. They read the message as "ugly people die alone and everyone's glad when they're gone." I'll admit, I found the regrowth of the forest an unfortunate twist, but I thought the story was rather uplifting. Does anyone know this book? What did you think?


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    Not familiar with it, but I think it would spark an intersesting discusion with children.

    May have to seek it out.

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    I haven't read the book but based on what you've written and the review on amazon I'd say it'd be a better book/discussion for older kids 3rd grade + rather than the pre-K - 2nd grade they recommend. The little kids are so literal, I don't think it would be appropriate. But as I said, I haven't read the book...


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