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    Victoria Magazine

    Not exactly bookworming, but magazine worming! All good reading anyway. Here in the UK, I have got hold of a few Victoria Magazines, and I really like them. I like seeing the perspective of England from another country, and I love a lot of the book reviews etc etc.

    Anyway, what I was hoping someone could tell me is- what happened to Victoria?!

    I have been confined to buying it from ebay as I cant find it in our newsagents, but I can find no trace of it at all on the net.

    Anyone know anything?

    thank you!

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    My mother subscribed to Victoria a few years ago. I have a bad feeling that they went out of business! But I will ask her if she knows what happened.

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    Yes, Victoria went out of print a couple years ago. My mom subscribed for many years, and she got me a gift subscription so I got it for a while too.

    Lovely, interesting magazine, full of happiness and inspiration even though its content was not my style at all.

    I have no idea whether my mom kept any of her old magazines (my parents moved house last year, so I have a feeling she probably got rid of them then), but I can ask if she still has any and if she's interested in selling them.

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    Although it wasn't really my style either, I liked Victoria magazine. I have some articles and pictures clipped from when I subscribed to it back in college (about ten years ago). It was lovely.


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