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Thread: Reading goals

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    Quote Originally Posted by soapandwater
    I actually had my best friend (ah, that term of endearment) be really snotty when I mentioned my book goal. She said, "Oh, 50, that's not a lot."


    Thank goodness there is the Internets where people get excited for you about your book goals. (FIFTY IS A LOT!)
    It sure is! After all, if there are 52 weeks/year, that is approx. 1 book per week. Considering work, school, social life, crafting, etc...that is a lot of reading crammed into very little time! Good for you!

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    Yes I plan to read real (As opposed to textbooks) books over my holiday break!

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    This summer, I made a goal to read at least half non-fiction. I actually found some excellent non-fic reads and it ended up being almost 3/4 because I found biographies, histories and other genres that read like stories. I love chicklit but sometimes the whole find a man/lose weight/try not to be a hopeless employee is rather mindnumbing. Now I try to read at least a book a week, although I am on Christmas break and have read 15 books since 12/1!!!

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    i love hearing about this! i clicked no because for me reading is like eating or breathing, I do it every day and if I didn't I might die (ok, not really, about the dying part).

    BUT I suppose I could put myself on a healthy book diet in the new year-- for the most part I read pretty cheerful genre fiction, only occasionally going for the literary, and almost never non-fiction (unless it is crafty). so i suppose I could have goals to read more classics and literary books to feed my brain.

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    Coming out of lurkerdom to say I voted yes. I'm definitely going to follow suit with those of you that are reading books they already own. I'm sure that's at least twenty or thirty I've never read. For me that's a pretty good number considering I read about three books this year and one of them was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

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    I try to read at least 50 books every year, but I had fallen short of that for the past several years. I made a huge effort in 2005 though and read 53 books. I'm going to try to beat that this year.

    I also have a goal to read as many of my own books as possible. I have books piling up everywhere and I really need to read those and avoid the library.

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    I did when I graduated college a couple years ago. I wanted to read as many books as I could (since I had to put so many on hold for a really hard semester-long class project). I started writing them down, but (like everything else I try to do) the motivation to do that faded away. I still read like crazy, I just didn't keep track like I wanted to.

    I've been reading less and less lately though because I have so many craft projects going. I used to read for an hour or two before bed, but now I sit in the living room and finish a scarf, or an embroidery project, etc, instead. I try to take books to work, but it never fails that when I'm reading someone in the break room will talk to me. Or they'll talk to each other - I can't have any distractions when I'm reading.

    I think this might be a good thing to start again this year though. I want to keep track of what I read, I forget about so many books.

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    I started strongly but my reading goals for 2005 fell apart! This year, instead of setting a quota for the number of books I want to read I think I will instead:

    * commit to only reading books I've been lent, given or borrowed from the library (also contributing to achieving a financial goal - a-ha!).

    * commit to visiting one of my local libraries once a fortnight.

    (Perhaps if I do find a book I'd like to buy, I could make it my goal to only buy a 2nd hand copy)

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    i'm a high school English teacher, so a lot of my reading time is spent reading the books i've assigned to my students (for the 20th time, i might add), but i alwayd endulge in outside reading.

    i don't really have a "reading" goal or quota, but i do try and tell myself that i have to read at least 2 of the books that i already own before i can buy a new one. i own hundreds of books which i haven't read yet. i've read about 50% of the ones i own, but i'd like to have read all of them someday. it's just so hard when people are writing wonderful new books everyday!

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    I've never had a reading goal before, but this year I plan to read 100 books. Not counting class textbooks. I'm a bit ahead of schedule right now, which is good because I don't think I will read two books every single week this year...

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