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Thread: 2005 reviews

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    2005 reviews

    I put together a little "best of" what I read this year - I'm curious if other people do this and what they liked and/or hated?

    Best Non-Fiction:
    • Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game by Michael Lewis – So readable, so interesting, and so important if you like baseball.
      Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture by Ariel Levy – A few problems but overall one of the best feminist critiques, especially of pornography, that I’ve read recently.
      Feminism is for Everybody by bell hooks – Perfect little book dispelling all the myths and lies about feminism.
      Imperial Bodies: The Physical Experience of the Raj, C.1800-1947 by E. M. Collingham – If you are into colonialism or body politics, this is revolutionary.
      The Deadly Truth: A History of Disease in America by Gerald N. Grob – Nothing mind blowing, just a good concise overview of my field.

    Best Fiction:
    • Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell – I can’t praise this book enough. It’s the sort of book that requires some work on the part of the reader, but the kind you are rewarded for.
      Three Junes by Julia Glass – Surprisingly good and touching.
      White Teeth by Zadie Smith – Like three amazing books in one.
      The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers – The only Modern Library top 100 book that actually made my favorite list. If you don’t cry by the end of this book, you’re not human.
      The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov – I’m so glad I read these, entertaining and "foundational" to modern science fiction.

    Best Graphic Novel/Trade Paperback:
    • V for Vendetta – Not only is the story great, but there is some great pacing, structure and concepts in here.
      Y the Last Man – I don’t know why you haven’t read this yet. Sure, the concept is amazing, but Brian Vaughn isn’t resting on his laurels and keeps pushing the story.
      The Sandman: Preludes and Noctures by Neil Gaiman – Glad I finally got around to reading these, although it is amusing to read it after American Gods and see where all those ideas started.
      Channel Zero by Brian Wood – Do yourself a favor and try this out, you won’t be sorry.
      Watchmen by Alan Moore – Think Superheroes are played out? Try this.

    Best Narration on an audio book:
    • Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell – Somehow he made even the footnotes playful and interesting.
      Series of Unfortunate Events – This whole series just has the best narration.
      Ender’s Game – Used multiple voice actors (which a book like A Game of Thrones could really use).
      A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man – There is just something about an Irish accent reading this book.

    Honorable Mention:
    • A Game of Thrones
      Ender’s Game
      American Gods
      Close Range
      Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
      All the Pretty Horses (which gave me my favorite line of the year: "In history there are no control groups.")

    Books: 51
    Audiobooks: 27
    Graphic Novels/Trade Paperbacks: 38
    TOTAL: 116

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    i think it's so great that you do this!
    i wish i could even remember half of what i read this year.
    i think i'll start keeping track now.

    that said, two books that i read this year stand out as all-time, favorite books. jonathan safran foer's new novel, extremely loud and incredibly close, was fantastic. i loved everything is illuminated, so when i heard he was coming out with a new book, i put myself on the library waiting list asap. it was so good that i read it in about 2 days. it was poignant without being sappy, insightful without being arrogant, and thoughtful without being pretentious. i really enjoyed it.

    also, middlesex, by jeffrey eugenides was amazing. the combination of historical context, well-developed characters, and interesting story lines made it a really wonderful read.

    i found a lot of what i read this year to be kind of disappointing. for the first time, i actually didn't finish a number of books. in particular, the corrections by jonathan franzen & the curious incident of the dog in the night-time by mark haddon made my let down list.

    brdgt, i loooooved white teeth. i can wait to read on beauty. i hear they're making white teeth into a film, which always makes me nervous. that whole group of mcsweeny's writers seems to be doing pretty well lately.

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    The AngeLINK series by Lyda Morehouse. It makes me sad that a series this good didn't sell and now the author has to write in another genre with a new name.

    The Hallowed Hunt by Lois McMaster Bujold. Bujold is just brilliant.

    The World Before by Karen Traviss. I love each book in this series better than the last and I can't wait for the next three volumes. If someone were to ask me why I love science fiction so much, I'd hand them the books in this series.

    The Truth-Teller's Tale by Sharon Shinn. I've found that I like her young adult books a lot more than her books for adults.

    Dream Boy by Jim Grimsely. So beautiful and so tragic.

    Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I loved this and now I want to read more classic loves stories like it.

    The mangas Fullmetal Alchemist and Fruits Basket.


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