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    Library Thing

    I just found this (free) online database for your books. It has incredibly functionality for adding books - it only took me 20 minutes to enter a whole bookcase. There are lots of other features that go along with it (like a javascript generator for a blog widget, etc.):

    This is what I've entered so far!

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    Oh, brdgt, thanks so much for sharing your vitual bookshelf! You've reminded me to ask for a subscription to library thing for my birthday. I so want to play, too, but know the obsessive in me wouldn't be able to stop at 200 books. :D

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    Ohh, 200 is the limit? I'm screwed then!!

    It's only 25 bucks for a lifetime membership (10 dollars per year if you don't want to make the commitment) and I'm thinking it might be worth it. Ever since we were robbed and I had to fill out the insurance forms I've been meaning to do some cataloging like this for my books, music, etc...

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    this is a great site! i just started with ten books but i hope to add everything that i have.

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    thanks for the great site. i need to catalog my books...i have just added this to my to do list!!! thanks a again.


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