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    help! what was this YA series called...

    Alright I have been searching for the name of this series forever. When I was very young, I picked up these books at the library and basically fell in love with reading. Since then, I've completely forgotten the title, authour and names of the characters and it's been bothering me for years. I've even travelled back to my childhood library to search through the shelves for the familar covers. So if anyone could help me, it would be the bookish ladies of getcrafty!

    The series
    - YA adventure series (I now believe)
    - heroine: young woman, orphan, basically Indiana Jones/Lara Croft
    - narrator: was her butler/servant and guardian, very British/proper/timid
    - together travel the world, solving mysteries, saving ancient artifacts
    - setting: I believe it took place around 1900s as in one novel, the villian espcapes on a "flying contraption" that shocks everyone (also characters joke that "next thing you know, there will be people on the moon")
    - for some reason I thought the series was written by C.S. Lewis (hey, I was just a kid) but obviously I was wrong. The author's name is probably something similar.

    Please, please help! I need to know I'm not crazy and these books did exist.

    Also, if you have any titles that have been eating away at your brain, post some clues here as well! Maybe we can all help each other.

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