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    May 2005
    Possible Side Effects by Augusten Burroughs
    (great stories)

    A Death in Belmont by Sebastian Unger
    (really good, but frustrating in the end)

    Sweet and Low by Rich Cohen
    (the family saga behind the invention of Sweet 'N Low sugar packets)

    Now is the Hour by Tom Spanbauer
    (very Brokeback Mountainish)

    All were great Summer Reads!

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    May 2005
    After the Abduction- Sabrina Jeffries: average to below average historical romance; I probably won't be reading this author again

    Sex, Lies, and Online Dating- Rachel Gibson: more Gibson fun although it was a bit more chicklit-like than I would have wanted

    One for the Money- Janet Evanovich: I had heard great things about this series, but this book was a huge disappointment for me and I don't think I will read any more Stephanie Plum books

    Simply Irresistible- Rachel Gibson: nice romance, cute little girl character, and some aw enducing scenes between father and daughter

    Where the Heart Is- Billie Letts: quick read, heartwarming story, but too much rape and abuse

    Phoenix in the Ashes- Joan D. Vinge: I like Vinge's novels better than this collection of shorter works and the best story in this was one I had already read from another collection

    The Dawn Star- Catherine Asaro: I was preparing myself for disappointment because I didn't like the first two books in this series much (although Asaro is usually one of my favorite authors), but I loved this book. Asaro's fantasy writing has gotten better and I loved most of the main characters in this book

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    Phoenix, AZ
    I did better in June, actually.

    I finished Jenny Uglow's "The Lunar Men." I'm not a scientist, but I love reading histories about science and technology.

    Read Henry Wiencek's "An Imperfect God." About George Washington, his will, and the institution of slavery in general.

    Started re-reading "Once in Golconda," a fascinating book about the run-up to the 1929 stock-market crash.

    Still have a major desire to read Simon Schama's latest, "Rough Crossings," but haven't the money to buy it yet, and the library doesn't have a copy. Bummer.

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    New Brunswick//Princeton NJ
    Never Let me Go Kazuo Ishiguro
    The Kill Emile Zola
    Sickened: A True Story of a Lost Childhood Julie Gregory
    Children of Global Migration:Transnational Families and Gendered Woes Rhacel Salazar Parrenas
    How to Be Alone Jonathan Franzen
    The Rough Guide to the Philippines

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    That I can remember...

    His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novick: I don't usually do fantasy, but I liked this one.

    Heat, by Bill Buford: Ok, but it made me glad I don't work in a restaurant. I am insufficiently macho.

    The Promised Land, by Mary Antin: is it possible for a book to be tedious and interesting at the same time?

    I'm halfway through The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman, which is really fabulous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sara struever
    The Cave by Jose Saramago- lovely grammar style and dialogue. though challenging to read sometimes. not something i could read once my brain got dopey at night. This book resonated incredibly well with some of the non-fiction I've been reading about relocalization. I would highly recommend it.
    I've been meaning to read more of Saramogo - I thought Blindness was amazing.

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    I only read one book...

    I'm pretty sure it was June...but that month's seeming so far away now.
    It was Desperate Housewives Eating Bon Bons by Lorna Landvik I think. I'm sure of the title though. It was pretty good. I usually don't like stories that span years but she did it well.

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