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    Quote Originally Posted by craftfetish
    I still have my very first library card. Okay, it is the replacement card I had to pay two dollars for in the third grade for losing my first card. But I am fairly confident that I could still use it in my hometown - chubby little beginner cursive signature and all.
    I don't know what year you were in the third grade, but most libraries are using online catalogs with bar coded materials and library cards, so you might need an upgrade ;)

    I love being able to search the catalog from home and adding items to my hold list for pick up at my branch - this is useful because as I read about books, remember to get them.

    I like to try out the exercise DVDs.

    I can host my own TV marathon by getting the series DVDs.

    I find cool music to try (okay, and some times I pick up the now that's what I call music vol 86 or whatever!)

    Right now if I show my library card at participating local businesses, I can get discounts!

    I can make requests, like magazines or craft books I think they should try to get.

    I love the library and have had a card since I was 5 so it amazes me when people say they don't have a card or don't realize what they can get from their library (and I don't just mean branch, typically the library system for that city/county). If you're paying property taxes, you're paying for your library -- use it!

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    my town library is pretty ok. not such a huge selection, but i've been using it for about a year.

    the great thing about my county (essex in nj) is that they have the reciprocal borrowing library. i can go to any library in the county and get a code from them and borrow books.

    i mostly go to the montclair, nj library. they have most of the books i'm interested in reading. i could request them through interlibrary loan from my town, but the montclair library itself if a pretty nice place, and love to sit in one of the armchairs and browse books. they have a fantastic cookbook section.

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    My local library is just okay, and I feel bad saying that because I volunteer there. We just got a new librarian and she is improving things a lot, but it's a tiny library. So I get a lot of books on inter-library loan. The DVDs at the local library are pretty good though and I save money borrowing them instead of paying rental fees or subscribing to movie channels.

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