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    Can anyone tell me the title of this book?

    It's about a kid who sees these ghost people, who are coal miners. Every morning, while it's still dark, they go across the field and don't come back until after dark that evening.
    And they all died years ago in an accident. More like decades ago. The bones of the man and the two older boys are buried in the graveyard, but the youngest boy was lost.
    And one day the main character, who is just an ordinary boy, goes into the coal mine, and finds the youngest boy, and they go up to the surface, and when they get there, the mining boy is nothing but bones.
    It was all very dark and creepy, but it was good, and I'd like to read it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amaryllis
    No I read that one recently and it was really good, but that's not it.
    I think it's Thicker Than Water.


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