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    Help Me Rediscover my Teenage Bookshelf!

    Ok... For some reason over the last year I've re-read loads of my favourite books from when I was about 14/15. there is one though, that I can remember loving and remember quite a bit about, but have no clue of author or title... if i tell you what I can remember, will you give me suggestions please?

    What I remember:
    It dealt with the intense friendship between two girls, one of whom may have been called Chloe or Zoe, but I might be mixing that up with something else. I think it was set in a private school, there were themes of body image, being 'different' and consciously trying not to fit inwith the popular crowd. There was a subplot with one of the girl's parents thinking the girls were a lesbian couple and trying to split them up.

    * It felt contemporary at the time i was reading it, although my lack of cultural awareness and love of retro would mean that that was any time between the 70's and the early 90s!
    * One character was very arty and there was a plotline with her clipping lots of photos of models from magazines to make a collage. The collage was intended to include all these photos of models, with a single picture of her and the other girl, who would stand out as the most beautiful because they were real.
    Also, the mother found the box of clippings, which added to her idea that the friends were a couple
    * The way I remember it, I don't think they were a couple, but there maybe was an incident that made them (or at least one of them) question this

    Can anybody help?

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    I don't recognize the title myself, and a quick search of a few resources left me empty-handed. But I would try going to your local public library and describing the book to a librarian. He or she may be able to locate the book for you on some of the library's databases, such as novelist and novelist k-8 (book databases that allow you to search by plot, among other things).

    If the librarian can't find it, I would suggest searching novelist yourself. Many public library systems have access to it through their homepages. It's a really great resource and I've found long-forgotten books through their plot searches several times. Good luck! :)

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    Have you ever visited the Onion's AV Club? Each week they do an "Ask the AV Club" column where people write in with these types of questions, mainly about obscure cartoons from childhood and the like, but I've seen questions answered about books, too.

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    just an update... I had x-posted this to whatwasthatbook on livejournal, and eventually worked out it was either Hey Dollface or Annie on My Mind. I bought both (very cheaply through Amazon used and new), and it was indeed Hey Dollface!
    The plot was pretty much how I remembered it, and though the characters were endearing, and the ideas are great, boy some of the writing is cringmakingly bad! Nevermind, I love it anyway.
    And Annie on My Mind is beautiful... I wish I had read that when I was 15!
    and an extra thanks to keiko who pm-ed me suggesting this... you were right!


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