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    so... how DO you tie up a burglar with only 8 inches of rope? you've got me curious.
    Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. It was a while before I had a chance to look it up. Here we are...

    "How To Secure a Burglar With Eight Inches of Cord

    Make a slip-knot at each end of your cord. Tie the burglar's hands behind him by passing each loop over his little fingers. Place him face downwards, and bend his knees. Pass both feet under the string, and he will be unable to get away."

    My husband still won't let me try this out on him, so I still can't attest to whether or not it works. Enjoy! :)

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    This sounds interesting...

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    I think that would be easiest to do if you had a pretty compliant burglar!

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    ha. yeah. i'm sure that would go over well.

    "okay, now hold still and put your hands behind you, Mr. Burglar With Gun.... good. now, lie down on your stomach..."

    maybe that's after you knock the burglar out with a baseball bat?

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