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    Has anyone self-published a book? How did it go? What did you do to promote your book?

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    I''ve self-published my book Rabbit Food Cookbook.
    It''s a lot of work to research, cost out, distribute, and promote, but then again it does have its merits. One is that you can make more of the sale price of each book, and also you can control the whole process more. You can also create smaller print runs and see how your book sells. The amount of research and work required depends on what kind of book it is. The easiest book to have printed is one that is perfect bound. I have always been interested in printing and understanding processes, so it has been an interesting opportunity to learn something. Let me know if you need any pointers!

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    Self-publishing on

    My father-in-law published his first book on I know they have several different ways of going about it all on the one site. I''m not sure which route he took, but he was happy with the results. I recommend the site!

    Hope that helps,
    Lyndsay - Art on the Run

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    I''ve also heard of for self-publishing. It''s really easy to use.

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    I have self-published my book, too. It is called Personal Charm and is on my website, It is a compilation of comics from zines I made and have been printed in. It is almost my whole life's work from age 15-22!

    It was very easy to publish a book - and I bought an ISBN and had a copyright, too. Did other self-publishers do that?

    Here is a fun link for zinesters!

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    im publishing too

    Hi, I am planning on publishing a book on sewing patterns too. I have been planning on going with, since I can get an ISBN number through them.
    You can find my blog at and my sewing creations at
    If anyone has any other good ideas, experiences or advice I''d be interested too. Has anyone ever published just a single sewing pattern?


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