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    Selling your crafts at events

    Hi everyone! I wanted to get some insight on your offline selling techniques. We definitely know that Etsy and other online e-commerce shops make it easy to sell your products online. But what about offline sells? We would like to hear your stories and techniques for offline sales. Do you approach any shops, boutiques, or events to sell your products? If so, please tell us about your techniques.

    If you want to sell your products to local shops and events we strongly suggest having catalogs or line sheets of your products. This way you can mingle at events and hand out single page sell sheets or full catalogs to get people to remember you and maybe lace orders way after the time you met them. Here are a few great resources for anyone wanting to sell their crafts to shops, and events.

    What Is a Line Sheet? | Beginner's Guide (Line sheet 101)
    Free Line Sheet Template (Easy excel/spreadsheet format for anyone to use)
    LINE SHEET DESIGN - CREATIVE PILE (Line sheet & catalog services)

    Hope this helps!
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    It's surely good to get an instant response from the people and gives you a good idea how you product will get the buyers in future.

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    I've sold ceramic bisque at events and I must say that events truly generate a lot of funds. Just make sure you have competitive prices!

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    I am little bit interested. Lets see........


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