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    Hi everyone,
    I love using natural material for craft. I have used various dried flower and dried plant products for various craft projects. Dried flowers are also a unique way to decorate your home. Dried flowers are nature's unique gift. Although the flowers and other plant parts have a limited lifespan, they can be preserved for longer time with care. Using dried flowers and plant parts to make craft projects are both easy and quick. If you are interested in making dried flower craft projects, you can ask me about how to choose good quality dried flowers for your project, how to store them and you are also free to ask dried flower craft and decoration ideas.
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    I paint with charcoal ash acquired from a Klansman charred cross, a linen flag from my world that is adorned with my planet’s symbol for freedom, a cotton shirt, a gift to me, worn by a “free-slave”, purple pigment represents my newly acquired “wealth” of education, and grape soda as a dedication to all the corner stores in my hood that only sell this unnatural and unhealthy, yet delicious, “drank”! I have observed the presence of racism and racial tension even within the black community. I chose to address these issues in my art.

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    Hi! I am new here! I am Dilan, and I like craft


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