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    Exclamation Feedback needed for my new product.

    I have created a new product called Cameleon Hardware. These are handles and knobs that are customizable and interchangeable by simply gluing a craft element or a natural element, or any element, to the interchangeable design plate. As your mood changes, or you want to decorate for the holidays or change your decor, you simply remove your current design and replace it with a new custom look created by you or your kids.

    I have spent a lot of money and time on this product and it is patented, trademarked, and i have stock that I am trying to sell through Amazon and my website. I am at a crossroad and I need your HONEST feedback. Should I put more money into marketing this product?

    Here are the facts so you can give me informed responses.
    -This hardware is made out of solid anodized aluminum so they are rust resistant and scratch resistant and will last forever, inside or outside.
    -They come in 8 colors. Black, Blue, Gray, Gold, Green, Purple, Red and Silver.
    -The aluminum is recycled and the interchangeable Design Plate is made from recycled plastic.
    -Each handle or knob comes in a kit that includes 2 Design Plates for each anodized aluminum base (handle or knob), so that you can make 2 different custom designs.
    -You can purchase replacement Design Plates for a dollar or less, so you can have custom hardware for ever for really cheap.
    -They are sold in 1, 2, 5, and 10 packs. A single pack for a handle is $19.99 and a single knob kit is $14.99, and 10 packs are $134.99 and $94.99, respectively.

    Please let me know if you would buy this product. If not, why? I promise I won't be mad and hunt you down if you don't like it. Pinky Swear!

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