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    PC Games

    Hi guys! Do you like computer games? What games do you prefer?

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    Yes, I really like computer games. It is my hobby. I like it because it helps me to get distract from my problems, have a rest. My favorite game is Apex Legends. It is a new, modern game, where you can became a warrior, who is fighting for the crown. I try to improve my skills in this game and check my account statistics through Try this game!

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    I prefer Dota
    CS GO
    The Witcher

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    As for me, I prefer game site which gives me the opportunity to download different interesting games.
    Last time I used to play the Witcher and Diablo but these games are not so interesting for me anymore.

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    I like Civilization!

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    I sometimes want to play. But somehow I didn’t add it. I downloaded a couple of games from the Internet. And caught the viruses. The hard drive was damaged.


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