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    AR Marketing

    We are approaching to the time when native applications become the most common source of services and services to users. Nevertheless, we also expect to see a surge in the popularity of mobile browser augmented reality.
    There are a number of reasons for this. On the one hand, not every brand has the time and resources to create and maintain its own application. On the other hand, users will not have to download an additional application to their phone.
    Using a mobile web page for AR campaigns can give a brand much greater control over the distribution and marketing of their content, which will be available to users without the need to download an application. This technology will be particularly active in the field of advertising and to optimize various production processes.

    Go to for more details .

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    The AR you described seems like web based augmented reality, like Skywell Software AR company developed for Finlandia Vodka brand

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    This is an interesting point. The impact of smartphones on our lives is really great.

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