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Thread: Lyme disease

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    Lyme disease

    If the tick has stayed on the body for less than 24 hours, will you not get Lyme disease?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loper View Post
    If the tick has stayed on the body for less than 24 hours, will you not get Lyme disease?
    You can become infected with Lyme disease even if the tick has stayed on the body quite a bit: for at least a few seconds. If he managed to bite a person, then the skin is already damaged, so the causative agent of the disease could well get into the blood. Therefore, almost everyone who has been bitten by a tick and who has contacted a medical institution is prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection. If possible, it is advisable to take the tick to the laboratory for analysis: in this case, the course of antibiotic therapy can be canceled as soon as the results of the examination are obtained and it turns out that the tick is not a carrier of infection. But it’s better not to hope for a chance and undergo treatment, because it is not known what else the tick might have been infected with. But I think that if infection has already happened, then it is better to contact proven clinics like . My friend was saved here. The main thing is not to waste time and immediately go to take tests.

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    I've no solid idea about it. Although, I suggest you to do proper research before taking any action.


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