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    duplicate picture album

    I hate to start a new post for this because it's so trivial, but I've been trying to figure this out for a while and haven't yet: I have two "pictures" albums. the one I created first (my "crafty blog pics" album) shows up twice. whenever I upload a pic, both albums (the original and the ghost duplicate) show up on the main pictures page, and the pic I uploaded is put in both "crafty blog pics" albums as well. any comments made in one album show up in the other as well.

    I'd delete one of them, but I'm afraid both of them will be deleted, since every time I make a change it applies itself to both albums.

    is this some weird comp glitch that happened when I created the first album? has anyone else had this problem? what can I do to fix it, if anything? help?

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    hmm, that's odd, we'll take a quick look

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    I had the same thing happen when I tried to create an album for "visitors" it failed to load the first selections, so I reloaded them and found that 2 identical albums were created. I deleted all the images and started over---loading the pics only once, but found that it duplicated them again. I thought about giving thte new album a name other than visitors.


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