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    Updates on Spammers etal

    After speaking with Demetri yesterday, we have brainstormed the following:

    In order to limit spammers, Point of Impact will design a simple tool to delete spammers. currently, the process is terrifically time-consuming.

    We will also require registrants from certain IP addresses and servers that are common to spammers to be approved before being let into our community.

    Please know we are doing everything we can to protect the boards from yucky spam.

    That said, how advertising is handled on getcrafty is now in the hands of point of impact. I trust that they will do their best to design the google ads in such a way that they don't obscure our interactions. of course, i wish we didn't have to have them at all, but the site needs to make money to exist.

    As for the post popular topics feature, we are redesigning it so that it actually is helpful. I have provided a list of words that people might want to see related posts of, such as knitting, craftivism, feminism, crafts etc. Instead of words being linked inside posts, the words will be listed at the bottom of the forum topic.

    Point of Impact will also be building a more robust area for the columns and stories portion of the site. I would like an easier way to navigate all the stories and how-tos, and to add more.

    I look forward to your feedback.

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    Hi, Jean, and thanks for keeping us in the loops about these changes.

    Advertising: Whatever y'all need to do to keep this place running, short of those flashing "smash the groundhog" type ads, I'll be able to bear. Since I'm here for mainly crafty purposes, I'm more likely to click on the ad for "Art de la Soul" than one for motorcycle helmets (that's the current Google ad in my browser), but I don't really care so long as they don't invade the site.

    Popular posts: I just saw the "Most popular posts" link at the bottom of this page and gave it a click. The idea seems good, but the list of target words really needs to be more useful. There are currently 8553 entries under book(s), and I just can't see how that's more helpful than a properly worded search. What about highlighting posts with the most responses or views instead?

    While I'm being a wild nag :) is there any talk about adding features to the blog area?

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    thanks for all your work, Jean.

    i know advertising is a necessary evil for this type of site, and the Google ads in my browser are tolerable, meaning i can ignore them if i want. i would hate to see more obtrusive advertising on the site.

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    Thanks Jean!
    I will put up with pretty much any advertising that will keep this community up and running. I can't wait to see any positive changes and know that things will smooth out soon enough.

    Quote Originally Posted by artgeek

    While I'm being a wild nag :) is there any talk about adding features to the blog area?
    I was actually just wondering the same thing... But for now the weird thing with the edit function on the blogs (having the whole post vanish) being fixed is good enough for me.:)

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