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    I saw a ridiculous amount of spam on here today, including one piece on breast enhancement that was masquerading as a poll. What can be done about this, other than flagging?

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    thanks for flagging! everyone in the community is doing a great job helping us (editors and moderators) delete posts like that asap.

    i'll let Demetri field the technical question of what else is being done-- unfortunately a lot of spamming is done by actual human beings (since mass spamming by other computers is frustrated by the registration process), which makes it harder to catch by "robot" (yes, clearly i know all of the technical terms, ha ha) before it even gets posted.

    For the time being, we are all our own best defense against spam-- the more we flag it and delete it (and ban spammy IP addresses) the less appealing the site is for spammers.


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