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    Thumbs up Tasty Ladyfingers (Bhindi) Recipe - Health Benefits

    Hello Everybody,

    Today I will tell you that why Ladyfinger (Bhindi) is healthy for our body ?
    Ladyfinger is available all around the year in India. Ladies finger are not only a tasty dish but is packed with many excellent health benefits.

    1. Ladyfinger is known as excellent laxative. It is a good source of probiotics. It is helpful in relieving the constipation's.
    2. It controls the Cholesterol.
    3. It is helpful in controlling the blood sugar.
    4. It helps in controlling the acid reflux.
    5. Keep the intestines healthy.
    6. It is a good source of Vitamin B6 and Folic Acid
    7. It helps in reducing risks of deadly diseases like cancer.
    8. It helps in boosting the sexual vigor and reduces excess menstrual blood.
    9. It is a very useful to ladies close to menopause and found beneficial in leucorrhoea and dysuria as well.
    10. It heals ulcers.

    11. It is good for expecting mothers, for detoxification, and is even said to be an aphrodisiac.

    It tastes good, it is cheap, it comes all year round so why not make it a habit to eat ladyfinger.


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    Great one! I will try it at home!

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    That's so great and useful information you have shared about the lady finger. Now a days is the season of lady finger and also i like it allot so i decided to eat much after hear its benefits. thanks for sharing.

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